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Francis Sisco

Francis Sisco

30 Mill Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804

cell – 914.589.1013

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Francis (Fran) is a personal financial advisor, mainly serving professionals and retired individuals for many aspects of their life and money in a holistic manner.  With over 30 years in finance, she started her career as a CPA with PriceWaterhouse, and then developed her own financial advisory practice serving hundreds of people over the decades, as a Personal Financial Specialist (PFS), Accredited Estate Planner (AEP), registered representative of a broker-dealer firm, principal of her own registered investment advisory firm, licensed insurance agent in several states, and owner of several small businesses, including retail stores and marketing firms..  Fran has published over 100 essays on various issues of life and money.  In connection with her gender transition to female, she has garnered significant expertise helpful to many people on how to smoothen the process of transition in many varied areas of life, including the transition of relationships, business, and crisis.


Fran has served the community in various ways including through church, through her professional associations and those involving the LGBT community (e.g. OutProfessionals), through her creative-expression affiliations (e.g. Poetry Caravan) and as a co-host of a local radio show helping people in crisis. Fran lives with her spouse and daughter in New Rochelle, NY and enjoys songwriting, collecting, inventing, videography, and writing.


My particpation as a board member:

I believe my experience in finance, business, marketing and communication will enable me to help the board and the center in several ways, including financial decisions raising revenue, increasing donations and members, and community outreach.  More specifically, I volunteer for the following:

Column A – (1) Write three CNews articles (a column called “In Transition”)  (2) Sit on the Financial Committee

Column B – Host and organize a Friendraiser (perhaps a LGBT Comedy Night)

Column C – Recruit 10 new members to the center members (including businesses).

In addition, I will help with planning our annual commemoration of the Transgender Day Remembrance, and perhaps initiate a Transgender Family Gala Celebration.