Welcome to The LOFT’s “Gift-in-Kind” registry!

As a non-profit, The LOFT relies on donations to continue doing the great things it does. However, were you aware that a great way to support The LOFT is by purchasing needed supplies.

With monthly mailings to our LGBT seniors, toner and paper are crucial. We also are always in need of general office supplies, cleaning supplies, and other items to keep us going.

The items in our Gift-in-Kind registry have pre-filled information, and will be sent directly to The LOFT. We’ll even send you a thank you letter you can use for tax purposes. It’s easy to do, too!


  1. Click below, and find the items you’d like to donate.
  2. Place your order (again, it will be pre-addressed to The LOFT.
  3. Once your order is placed, forward your confirmation email to gifts@loftgaycenter.org.

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