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Rich Houston

Rich Houston (Director)

Rich Houston of Mt. Vernon is a lifelong resident of New York, and is employed by Star Gas, the largest distributor of home heating oil in the country, for whom he has worked for thirty seven years in many capacities. His current position is General Manager of Customer Retention. He has trained thousands of Star Gas employees, in the corporate culture of Superior Customer Service, and many who continue to work for the company to this day. His desire to plan and execute large gatherings of employees was fulfilled dozens of times over the years.


Rich had volunteered for many years with Camp VIVA, a program supported by Family Services of Westchester, which is a year round program working with families infected and affected by HIV, which culminates in a week long encampment. Other duties with Camp VIVA have included coordinating the yearlong reunions to keep in touch with all the families, and producing a newsletter that was circulated to past and present members.


Prior to joining The LOFT Board of Directors, Rich served as President of the LOFT Benefit Bowling League. Although not a program of the LOFT, the Bowling League has donated thousands of dollars to The LOFT since its inception over twenty years ago. Rich has also spent decades with the Boy Scouts of America, in both local and national capacities. His desire to do volunteer work began with those early responsibilities at the Boy Scouts. Sadly, given the non-inclusive nature of the Boy Scouts of America, Rich no longer has any affiliation.


During Rich’s two year tenure on the Board, he has advocated and helped implement many improvements to the operations of The LOFT. Rich has led many social and fundraising activities for The LOFT, which have all exceeded both attendance and financial expectations. The two Galas Rich has chaired has raised much needed funds for The LOFT, with net increases of 73% for the 2011 Gala, and a whopping 240% in 2012 from the previous year.


Rich’s desire to sit on the board of The LOFT is routed in his desire to volunteer and be able to make a difference. Rich’s organizational skills, public speaking, and training skills will be a valuable resource for The LOFT. Rich remains committed to volunteering and is steadfast in his desire to make a difference.