Risk Factors



Factors of the mind and body:


* History or signs of depression

* History of mental illness

* History of being abused or mistreated

* History of self-injury

* Tendency to be impulsive

* Major physical illness

* Previous suicide attempt(s)


Factors from your environment:


* Barriers to mental health services

* Lack of community support

* A death or relationship breakup

* A job loss or change in financial security

* Feeling unsafe

* Family history of suicide

* High stress environment or family dynamic

* Easy access to lethal materials


Factors you experience and learn:


* Lack of support from other youth

* Cultural or religious beliefs that suggest suicide as a solution

* Exposure to suicide through the media, family, friends or co-workers

* Unwillingness to seek help

* Difficulty in school, failing grades, bullying others


Information from: http://www.thetrevorproject.org/pages/risk-factors